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For the Love of Beer

The Draft Beer Table is everything you could want at a pub: a table with a beer tap built right into the center.drafttableslide

And what better way to enjoy a frosty mug of frothy beer than to pour it yourself, giving you time to watch that sweet flavor build up from the bottom of the glass, the perfume foam spill over the rim so that by the time it meets your lips you’ve already made a special connection with your beverage.

If you are the type whose taste buds can’t settle down yet, don’t get cold feet. And at TAPPED Gastropub we have not one, but four draft tables, each with two beer combinations, letting you choose from among several delicious brews.

Our Draft Beer Tables also regulate the temperature of your beer to make sure every beer you pour tastes freshly tapped. Don’t worry about keeping track of how much you are pouring. Our Draft Beer Tables do it for you, so you and your company can focus on the more important things.

Once you have made your decision, summon all the restraint you have and refrain from putting your face under the tap. Instead, grab a glass, tilt it just right and give it a swirl to release those secret flavors. Share a smile with someone you don’t know yet, because you can’t help yourself. This is TAPPED Gastropub.

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